Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recommended site !

 About a week ago I found a helpful website on google, the content is about web building tutorials, we can learn HTML ,CSS, XML,Javascript,ASP, PHP, SQL, and others  easily. The content of this site is very user friendly. We can learn from the basic step, it’s helpful for people who want learn HTML code  and other things to build a web but they don’t have basic on that thing. The site provide an online editor for trying your code, it’s like Microsoft office frontpage or dreamweaver. You can type your code there, and you will see the result immediately. 
So, what r you waiting for !! let’s trying it and build your own page :)


teoc034 said...

emang keren banget nih site...
kita bisa ambil test quiz nya GRATISS dan bisa dapet sertifikat resmi juga lo..

lumayan buat nambah cv kalo ngelamar...
diakui world wide lagi... (tapi yang ini mesti bayar dulu)

alkemis said...

jiahh ng-post recomen web tapi kok ndak dikasih tau address nya :)

Lilies Her. said...

iyaa yaa hhahahhaa
gambarnya ga jelas lagi
disini bung

trimakasih bung sudah menyadarkan